Meng Tan means to dream.
This is a place to be daydreamer with confidants.

The founders of Meng Tan came across on the journey of pursuing beauty and dreams.
Our objective is to create pleasing daily life filled with delectable artifacts.

Simple or exquisite, crystal or textured,
each piece of artifacts carries the craftsman’s ingenuity and good wishes.
It mellows the tea in the cup and melts the light at night.
It brings romantic flavor to each simple meal.

Meng Tan is committed to multicultural and artistic exchanges.
Painting, sculpture, glass, ceramics, lacquerware, woodware, metalworking, etc. will all be displayed in this space.
Meng Tan welcomes artists from all over the world and expecting cooperation on diversified products exhibition and sale.


NO.18, Longgang District, Shenzhen